ABM & Friends Market

Published on 30 October 2022 at 10:02

Hi everyone!

Yesterday was a blast. We at Mushrooms and Moths got to attend our first market: the ABM and Friends Market in Apeldoorn. We had an absolute blast! I loved to hear and see all of your responses to my work. I also loved talking to each and everyone who stopped by for a chat. You know I'm the happiest when I talk about mushrooms or my passion for creating!

Like the ever-learning person I am, I scribbled down all your ideas and feedback in my booklet. I'm going to work on a lot of new pieces in the upcoming months, but also want to make customs possible for everyone. To start off I'll probably make them limited in what shape they can take, i.e. custom mushroom earrings and necklaces (colour, size, stone, detailing, etcetera) but hopefully I'll think of myself skilled enough to take actual wishes that people have and make them in to a custom jewelry piece, home decor or fae creature.

I'll definitely attend more markets in the future!


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