Published on 11 November 2022 at 09:06

What are some things that spark inspiration for you?


Inspiration is a weird concept to me. It comes and goes so quickly, and it's hardly ever at the right moment. I have some ways to help me get inspiration when I'm really looking for it. For example Pinterest, purchasing new tools to work with or looking at Brian Froud's & Iris Compiet's art are one of my most "succesfull" so far. I also keep a sketchbook or notebook with me at all times. 


But then there's the matter of the "staying power" inspiration has for me. Some inspiration sticks with me and comes back to me every so often. An idea that has cemented itself in my brain in such a way, that I'd have to create it before my brain is satisfied almost. Other ideas come to me and have disappeared or aren't interesting anymore the moment I sit down to create them.


 The weirdest form of inspiration to me is one that has taken shape early on in my life. Whenever I start creating, just to create, I just "let stuff happen". Especially when drawing or sculpting creatures, they just appear out of nowhere and guide when I'm working on them.


I've seen Froud and Compiet explain this as a link to the Fae world, and I would really love to think of it like that as well, but I guess I'm just a little sceptical. Why would Fae come to me? Am I really deserving of that? 

All I know is that with both art and spirituality I have found weird connection to nature and the Fae that I can't really place. I hope that in my continued journey, I'll find some answers.

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