My own webshop, closing Etsy

Published on 25 April 2022 at 11:42

Dear reader,

In the last couple of weeks, in between work and appointments, I tried my absolute hardest to create and publish the site you are currently viewing. This started after hearing from different sources that Etsy would keep taking bigger cuts of the earnings. I wanted to avoid this as much as possible. With a little help from others and a background in web design, I eventually managed to create this site and webshop. There will be more items added to the webshop in the coming weeks and a lot of tweaking and editing will be done to get things up and running. The most important thing is that the essentials are here and I hope to share more of my jewellery, art, clothing and accessories with the world this way.
The love, support and feedback I have received on my dreams and work so far has been absolutely detrimental to my development, and it's keeping me driven and focussed on creating the future I want for myself.

Thank you so much!

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