Castlefest: Wedding and renewed inspiration

Published on 10 August 2022 at 10:26

The first weekend of August managed to be as magical as before the pandemic, with an even more magical event added in the mix. This Castlefest me and my partner had our handfasting ceremony: an ancient ritual to bind two people like in marriage. We were surrounded by our friends and family, and we had lovely weather.

During Castlefest I spent most of my time walking around, looking at different kinds of stalls and handcrafted items. Especially the stalls with clay figures, jewelry, decor and such really sparked my interest ofcourse. Two of the stalls had beautiful brian froud inspired fantasy figures, faeries, trolls, nature inspired decor and more. These people were both super kind and I chatted about different materials and techniques with them. This, in turn, inspired me to create new and more intricate stuff so please keep a look out for that in the future.

Were you at Castlefest this year? And what kinds of stalls inspire you to create?



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