Corvus earrings - Rough Ruby


Crows are a symbol of change, communication with the spiritual realm and death. They are often messengers and can also point to your intuition. Together with the protective and stabilizing properties of ruby, these earrings are a powerful totem to carry with you in your everyday life.

These earrings are hand sculpted and painted, and each pair is unique. The earrings are quite light around 6 grams a piece and are very pleasant to wear on a daily basis.


About our polymer clay products:

  • Our polymer clay products are hand sculpted, and hand painted which makes each order unique. The product received might differ slightly from the images provided.
  • All our products are varnished with a water-based varnish to protect them from damage, but still, require the same care and attention as metal or silver jewelry
  • Our products aren't toys and are not suitable for young children.
  • Our products aren't suitable to be worn while showering, sleeping or swimming.

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