My name is Anne and I'm a Dutch artist with a love for nature and all things fantastical.

Growing up, two things were certain to be part of my future from the very start: My love for nature and my love for creating things. I was born in a pretty busy city in the Netherlands close to Amsterdam and me and my family always did our best to escape the busyness of the city by going for long walks in nature. We chose camping vacations in forested areas instead of sunny trips and hotels, and my grandparents thought me to recognize different plants and animals from the very beginning. When we weren’t out and about, we would sit at the dinner table or on the floor drawing. We had one room in our house which was dedicated to all our childhood drawings, which were all hung upon the walls so you couldn’t see the wallpaper anymore. I never lost this love for creating, and only recently discovered that not only my mother but all my grandparents shared this love.

To this day, I continue to create and learn new things about art. I love discovering new media to work with, experimenting with and combining techniques. On this page I’ll collect some of my pieces and my progress of both my traditional and digital work and my clay creations.