Raven skull pendant


Please specify what runes (if any) you would like, or any other details/decorations you would like to see. If you would like a specific stone, please send me an email first about the possibilities.

Ravens are very prominent animals in mythology. Some of the symbolism associated with these animals are: Loyalty, intelligence, Thought and Memory.

These pendants are all one of a kind, hand sculpted items and are customizable to your own liking. The Images provided are some examples of pendants I have made. It's possible to have runes (both Ogham and Elder Futhark) or add stones, polymer clay mushrooms or moss.

The pendants are 10cm x 3,5cm and are made out of cosclay which is very durable Everything is hand-painted and coated with a special varnish to make it more resistant to damage.

The piece would look lovely with any goblincore, witchy or gothic looks. 

Please note that all polymer clay jewellery is handmade and unique. The product received might differ slightly from buyer to buyer.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for me to get the product made.